Readers ask: How can i access my tsi scores?

How can I get my TSI online?

You may test online at home on your computer for a $25 fee. You must have access to a computer with a microphone and a webcam, as this is how the online proctor will monitor you as you test. Please complete the TSI Assessment Request Form and choose the online option.

How do I get my TSI scores from the accuplacer?

As soon as you finish an ACCUPLACER test, ask the testing center to print your ACCUPLACER score report.


  1. Go to the ACCUPLACER student portal. You’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, student ID, and where you took the test.
  2. Submit your information and click “Send Reports.”
  3. Check your email.

How long are TSI scores good for?

The college will use the following minimum passing standards to determine a student’s readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework. Scores are valid for five years from the date of testing.

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What is a good TSI score?

You are considered college ready if your score falls within the range of 350–390. If your score is 349 or lower, you may be placed in a developmental course or intervention.

Is the TSI hard to pass?

The TSI is not a fail-pass exam. Your scores will help colleges determine whether you are college-ready or that you require additional instruction before you’ll be admitted to college-level coursework. You are considered college-ready when you meet or exceed the following TSI passing scores: Mathematics: 350.

Do you have to pass the TSI to get into college?

If you do not pass one or all parts (reading, writing and math) of the TSI Assessment, you may be required to enroll in developmental education coursework or accelerated intervention before you can enroll in a college credit course for the subject in which you did not pass.

What is the highest you can score on the accuplacer?

Reading, Writing, and Math Tests

ACCUPLACER Reading, Writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics, and Advanced Algebra and Functions tests each have a score range of 200–300.

What is a good accuplacer score for math?

ACCUPLACER Scores Table 2019

Section Low Score Sufficient Score
College-Level Math 20–39 86–102
Elementary Algebra 82–108
Reading Comprehension 78–98
Sentence Skills 87–108

Is the accuplacer harder than the SAT?

The Accuplacer is the sister of the more famous, more highly-regarded SAT — the Scholastic Assessment Test. The kicker is that bombing the little-known Accuplacer is a bigger obstacle to a college diploma than poor scores on the SAT, ACT, or any high-stakes exams required by some states to get a diploma.

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Can I take the TSI at home?

A TSI Assessment Voucher is required to take it from home. This is purchased with Northwest Vista College. The cost will depend on if you are taking the full or only parts of the exam. There are three parts which are Writing, Reading, and Math.

How many questions can I miss on the TSI?

You will need a score of 351 to pass, which, once again, means that you can safely miss between 1–3 questions. The TSI Math tests you on Algebra I and II, Geometry, and some Statistics, only probability and measures of central tendency.

How do I prepare for TSI?

The Absolute Best Book to Ace the TSI Mathematics Test

  1. Think of Math positively.
  2. Make the concepts clear.
  3. Practice daily.
  4. Choose online classes or a math tutor if you need.
  5. Review TSI Math Formulas wisely.
  6. Take Practice Tests.
  7. Register for TSI Math Test.
  8. Take the TSI Math test.

How do you know if you are exempt from the TSI?

A student who has graduated with an associate or higher degree from an institution of higher education and submits appropriate documentation of degree and official transcript is exempt. However, students are not exempt from TSI if they take courses that are not included in the Level-One certificate.

What are passing TSI scores?

Before January 11, 2021

  • Reading: a score of 341 or lower.
  • Mathematics: a score of 335 or lower.
  • Writing: a score of 349 or lower.

What math subjects are on the TSI?

What math is on the TSI? The TSI math exam is composed of 20 multiple-choice questions on the following topics: Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.

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