Question: Lyrics how can i live without you?

What movie was how do I live without you in?

When executives behind the 1997 Nicolas Cage movie, Con Air, changed their minds about including LeAnn Rimes’ version of the soaring “How Do I Live” in their film, they approached Trisha Yearwood about cutting the song instead.

How Do I Live Trisha or LeAnn?

How Do I Live” is a song written by Diane Warren. It was performed by LeAnn Rimes and the extended version of the song was later featured on her second studio album You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs in 1997. It was also performed by Trisha Yearwood, and Yearwood’s version was featured in the film Con Air.

How am I supposed to know meaning?

1 phrase If you say that something is supposed to happen, you mean that it is planned or expected. Sometimes this use suggests that the thing does not really happen in this way.

What was LeAnn Rimes first hit?

LeAnn Rimes was only 13 years old in 1996, but she had already released her debut album and single, both titled “Blue.” Written and recorded by Bill Mack in 1956 and originally released in 1958, the song was covered multiple times over the years.

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