Question: How to open without can opener?

What can I use instead of a can opener?

That’s right: You can open a can with only a metal spoon. Even if you find yourself without a can opener, you likely have a metal spoon in your kitchen. This simple hack is fool-proof. It may sound ludicrous, but with a little friction, the metal of the spoon thins and cuts through the metal of the can lid.

How do you open a can without a can opener with scissors?

Keeping the blades of your scissors closed initially, place them point-down on top of a can next to the lip of the tin. Make sure one hand holds onto the scissors‘ handle so they can‘t slip. Then, using the palm of your other hand, tap the scissors to pierce the can.

How do you open a can with a knife?

Make sure to tilt the knife outwards after you puncture. Puncture successively and simultaneously rotate the can so that each puncture mark starts where the last one left off. Make sure to rotate the corner of the knife to elongate the puncture mark. This will open the can.

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How do you open a can without a can opener on concrete?

Find a large, flat rock or a piece of concrete with a rough surface. Place the can upside down on top of the rock, so that the seal is touching the rock. Rub the can back and forth over the rock using a scrubbing motion to create friction. Stop when you see moisture appear on the rock.

How do I open a can of tuna without a can opener?

Use a pocket knife to pry open the lid.

  1. If you don’t have a pocket knife, try using a spoon, a butter knife or another tool.
  2. Or find a rock you can use to knock the lid of the can inward.
  3. When you pull off the lid, cover your hand with your sleeve or a towel so you won’t cut yourself.

Why do my Can openers keep breaking?

Can openers keep breaking easily because you either misuse them or they are of poor quality. You can prevent this by either opening cans correctly or by getting a better-quality can opener.

Is it safe to open a can with a knife?

A Note on Safety

A metal can’s lid is very, very sharp—no matter how you got it open. While it may be tempting to try to pry the lid open with a sharp knife, that should probably be your last resort. Not only are you introducing another dangerously sharp object into the mix, you’re also going to ruin your knife.

How do you open a can with a spoon?

As demonstrated in the video above, just push down with the tip of the spoon against the inner edge of the can and start rubbing. In a short while you’ll penetrate the lid and you can carve around the can with the spoon’s edge. It’s certainly not as elegant as a can opener, but it’ll do in a pinch.

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How do you open a can with a broken tab?

Some forceful methods:

  1. Use a sharp object, I.e. a screwdriver or other clean sharp object to poke a hole in the can. Be very careful, and direct the object away from your body.
  2. Take a sturdy blunt object and place it on the tab. Then apply force, the tab should fall in making the contents accessible.

How do you open a Coke can?


  1. Place the index finger of your dominant hand under the tab’s ring.
  2. Rest your thumb on top of the tab to maintain your grip.
  3. Hold the can with your other hand to keep it in place.
  4. Lift the backside of the tab using your thumb and index finger.
  5. Push the tab back down, if desired.

How do you open a bottle without a bottle opener?

All you need is a little leverage.

  1. Keys. Use your dominant hand to slide the long side of your key under the cap, then twist the key upward to loosen the cap.
  2. Metal spoon or fork. Just slip the edge of a spoon of single fork prong under the cap and lift until the bottle opens.
  3. Lighter.
  4. Door frame.
  5. Dollar bill.
  6. Countertop.

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