How long before you can change your tongue ring?

Can you change your tongue ring after a week?

To be on the safe side of avoiding irritation and infection, you can‘t change your tongue piercing until the wound is healed. Piercings heal from the outside in, so you can‘t rely on a visual inspection of the piercing to determine if it’s ready to be changed.

How do you know when your tongue ring is healed?

If there are no complications, complete healing usually takes around 4–6 weeks. If there is still swelling after a month, or if the piercing becomes painful or swollen after a period of seeming fine, this may signal an infection or other problem.

What happens if you change your tongue piercing too early?

Removing the stud too soon can increase your risk of tears and infections. The hole may also close up if you remove the jewelry too soon. Once the time comes to remove the jewelry used for the piercing, it’s best to see your piercer.

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When can I get a shorter tongue ring?

After 6 weeks or so, once your tongue is fully healed, you can switch to a cool tongue ring of your choice that’s either a standard 5/8″ length or longer/shorter as needed to best suit your anatomy (based on the thickness of your tongue).

How long after getting a tongue piercing can you give oral?

Usually piercing will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. Avoiding Problems: A few temporary lifestyle changes can also help you avoid some serious complications after having tour tongue pierced. This includes avoiding oral sex while your piercing site is healing.

Is it normal for white stuff to come out of a tongue piercing?

You may see a white fluid being excreted by the wound, don’t be alarmed, it is just dead white blood cells which is a normal part of the healing process; all wounds heal by secreting plasma which forms a scab, but because of the saliva in the mouth, a scab can’t form.

Does tongue ring hole ever close?

If the tongue piercing is removed for even one night, it will partially close up as it is a muscle, which is very unlike ear piercings. It should close up, but just like trachs, some close and some don’t. If it doesn’t close after about a year it should be evaluated for a surgical closure if it is causing problems.

Can you drink alcohol 3 days after a tongue piercing?

You can go out drinking after getting a tongue piercing. You should avoid alcohol for a minimum of two to three weeks after a piercing as it can cause irritation, pain, excess swelling, and other complications. It should be avoided for at least two to three weeks after a piercing.

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How do you sleep with a new tongue piercing?

Try to sleep with your head propped up on pillows during the first few nights of healing; keeping your head above your heart will help to avoid much initial overnight swelling. An over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.)

Can you smoke with a tongue piercing?

You should NOT SMOKE after a tongue piercing just like you should smoke after a tooth extraction; the “sucking” motion can dislodge the scab and cause scarring and improper/uneven healing. Yes you can smoke but the healing process may be a little longer than 4 weeks. Try to cut down on the smoking of any kind.

Do tongue piercings affect kissing?

Avoid hitting their teeth with your piercing.

When you kiss someone, and you have a tongue piercing, snakebites, or a lip ring, it’s important to be mindful of the other person’s teeth. Piercings can chip teeth and cause oral damage for the other person. Be gentle when you are kissing someone and you have a piercing.

What is the standard size tongue ring?

The standard size of your tongue piercing

A tongue piercing is actually always 16 mm long and 1.6 mm thick.

Can you feel a tongue piercing when kissing?

You might find the feeling very good also while kissing and playing with your significant other. You stop the regular aftercare but make sure to continue to have a good mouth hygiene. Because the rather thin piercing barbell wiggles around in your mouth, it from time to time irritates the tongue or the tissue beneeth.

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