How can i find a relative for free?

How do I find a long lost relative for free UK?

If the British Red Cross’ family tracing service can’t help you, try these other organisations to help find your missing family.

  1. Missing people. Help and support for missing children and adults and their families.
  2. Salvation Army.
  3. Adoption search reunion.
  4. Lucy Blackman Trust: Missing abroad.

How do I find someone’s relatives?

Finding Biological Family

  1. Take an AncestryDNA® test. One of the best ways to find members of your biological family is to take an AncestryDNA® test.
  2. Review your closest DNA matches.
  3. Contact your matches.
  4. View your shared matches.
  5. Look for common ancestors.
  6. Start descendancy research.
  7. Contact living family members.
  8. Hire a professional.

How much does it cost to find a lost relative?

While there’s no way to say for certain how much it will cost to find someone, most professional services will put the price somewhere between $300-$500. This amount covers the hourly rate of the actual work as well as gas money for necessary travel and is based on an hourly rate for investigative work.

How do I find a long lost family member?

Best Ways to Find a LongLost Relative Using Big Data Sites

  1. Use a Resource That Makes It Easier to Find Addresses. There are many big data websites these days that are designed to help you locate someone more easily.
  2. Use a Genealogy Website. Another type of resource that you can use is a genealogy website.
  3. Use a DNA Kit.
  4. Use Social Media.
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How do I find an unknown family member?

If you wish to connect with your biological family or determine an unknown parent, consider taking an autosomal DNA test. An autosomal DNA test can be taken by males or females and may provide you with DNA matches within 5 to 6 generations on both your biological mother and father’s sides of the family.

How do I find out if a relative is still alive?


  1. Take an AncestryDNA┬« test. If you’re biologically related to a person you’re trying to find, it can help to take a DNA test.
  2. Enter the person in your tree.
  3. Search phone directories.
  4. Search for obituaries of the living person’s immediate family.
  5. Interview people who know the person.

How can I find my family tree without paying?

How to research your family tree without paying a dime

  1. One such website is, where you can create a free account and begin researching your family’s history by entering basic data including an ancestor’s name and dates of birth and death (if applicable.)
  2. National Archives.
  3. Geni.
  5. Legacy Family Tree.
  6. Library.

How can I find a missing person without a phone?

13 Ways to Find a Missing Person for Free

  1. File a Missing Person’s Report.
  2. Contact Local Hospitals, Jails, and Coroners.
  3. Do an Online Search.
  4. Look into Online Directories.
  5. Utilize Social Media.
  6. Check their Phone’s Location.
  7. Post Photos of the Missing Person in Local Places.
  8. Look into a Missing Persons Database.

How do you search for a person?

How to Perform a People Search. The easiest way to find people is to search for them by first and last name, plus city and state if you know it. But you can also search for someone using a known phone number or street address. Or, you can browse names in our People Directory.

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How can I get in touch with a long lost relative?

Don’t make your first connection a rushed story about what may have been a scandal at the time it occurred. Instead, be friendly. Let the long lost relative know your DNA test matched the two of you. Offer them your contact information, and let them know you would like to keep in touch.

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