FAQ: How many protagonists can a story have?

Can there be 3 protagonists?

Just because a story has multiple POVs doesn’t necessarily mean there are multiple protagonists. However, you cannot have multiple protagonists without having multiple POVs because, as readers, we need to experience every storyline and character arc for a main character.

Can there be more than 1 protagonist?

Writing a story with multiple main characters or protagonists is possible, but it will not be easy. Carefully think through your story idea and whether you might tell it in a simpler format. There’s a reason there are so many books with only one protagonist.

Can there be more than one main character in a story?

Very few stories have multiple Main Characters within a single story. Usually, when there is more than one Main Character, there is more than one story going on. For example, the “player” Luke in Star Wars is both the Protagonist and the Main Character.

How many protagonists are too many?

There’s no hard and fast rule about how many main characters you can manage. It’s as many as you, with your particular story circumstances, can handle. If you can give 10 people proper significant roles and arcs, you can have 10 main characters.

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What are two protagonists called?

In literature, the deuteragonist or secondary main character (from Ancient Greek: δευτεραγωνιστής, deuteragōnistḗs, second actor) is the second most important character, after the protagonist and before the tritagonist.

Can you have two antagonists?

Sort your antagonists and create the villain

Antagonists are plot devices that create obstructions and challenges for your hero protagonist. You can have more than one antagonist in your story. But, the villain must remain the protagonist’s main opponent.

How do you identify the protagonist?

So who is the protagonist in a story, and how can we identify them? The protagonist faces challenges, particularly the central challenge or conflict within the story. The protagonist wants or needs something (has a goal). The antagonist’s actions are interfering with the protagonist’s ability to achieve the goal.

Can there be no antagonist?

You cannot have a novel without an antagonist. An antagonist comes in two forms: A physical antagonist: a person with a grudge against your protagonist, who will do whatever it takes to overcome the protagonist e.g. Voldemort, the Joker, Loki. There is absolutely no way to write a story without some kind of antagonist.

Can a story have no protagonist?

Yes. That said, protagonists don’t have to be a person, per se. As a corrolary to that, it is possible to make a story without a primary protagonist. There are plenty of examples where the role is shared between several or even hundreds of separate protagonists who all make small contributions to the plot.

How do you introduce a second character?

Use action and/or dialogue to present new characters.

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Show the new character doing something or saying something. For example, make a new player stumble upon the scene, make a dramatic entrance, or interrupt a conversation. Save the backstory about that person for later, after the reader has formed a strong impression.

How many POV characters is too many?

If every character, no matter their importance to the story, gets a point of view, your story can start to feel crowded and overly complicated. Having two or three POV characters usually works well. Having more than that can not only confuse your reader but make it hard for you as a writer too.

How do you write a story with two protagonists?

How to Successfully Feature Multiple Main Characters

  1. Think Reader-First. You want nothing to stand in the way of the reader’s experience.
  2. Make Your POV Characters Distinct. In subsequent books in the Left Behind series, I used as many as five different perspective characters for one novel.
  3. Choose Carefully.

What 3 components make up the exposition?

Exposition, or the introduction, is just one of a plot’s many parts. Exposition sets up the story, including the setting, conflict and characters.

What is the average number of characters in a book?

So a typical book page has, say 1,500 to 1,800 characters (not counting spaces.). If we consider 250 pages as standard book length, then you’re talking about maybe 400,000 characters if you don’t count the spaces; 500,000 if you do. That would suggest that you can get an auto-translation done for $10.

How do you balance a large cast character?

How To: Balance a BIG Cast of Characters

  1. Set a limit. I’ve heard it said that there shouldn’t be more than seven to ten supporting characters in a novel.
  2. Don’t get complicated. Like I said before, focus on developing your main players.
  3. Give them something special.
  4. Show a change.
  5. Don’t be mean.
  6. Cast the stereotypes.

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